how to lose weight drinking coffee

First, the quality and type of coffee you drink matters.  

The team here at Go Sip Yourself, we all drink a brand by the name of Valentus - Slimroast Optimum and we each have dropped 2 pant sizes in the last 2 months.  How do we do it?  Easy....

We boil water over the stove (or microwave) and add 1 scoop of the instant coffee and mix.  That's it!  It IS that easy! 

Yes, of course you may!  Add creamer, milk or half n half and you may add a little sugar if you like but the coffee is formulated in such a way that you can enjoy it straight without ANY bitterness like some of the other smart and happy weight loss coffees out there.

From our research.....yes, it does.  Positive blood types are experiencing more of an immediate reaction to the smart coffee and quicker weight loss than other blood types.

But if you don't have a positive blood type, don't worry!  You will still lose weight not just as quick as the positive blood types.

Of course you can!  You can even make an incredible coffee ice cream with the coffee but it may take you longer to lose weight if you eat ice cream all day long!  :) 

Try adding a scoop to your favorite chocolate or vanilla protein powder.

Is this network marketing?

It is both.

We are a team that works with Valentus and we have created a very easy ordering system for those who want to sample and order the product; meaning you can order from us online this site and NEVER have to mess with that website.  Just place your order here and we will take care of you.

Now you may be curious if there are opportunities to make some extra cash by joining our team and well, of course there is.......however, it it is not for everyone.  Network Marketing is like having your own business except you don't need to register a LLC unless you start making $10,000/mo - then we recommend you create an LLC to save yourself some money on taxes because as a small business owner, there are numerous write offs in this world of entrepreneurship.

And while we would love for you to join us, we are also only seeking those who are serious.

How do you "get serious?" You start by trying out the coffee for at least 30 days to see if it works for you......if it does, then let's talk.  Our team is made up of those who are a "product of the product."  It's the only way we roll.....

Yes.  Absolutely.


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Keep in mind that all Returns have a 10% restocking fee so you will be charged 10% of the cost of the product.  Please keep this in mind.

Refunds take 7 - 14 days to process in our system.

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Losing weight really has so many factors.  Your blood type, your diet and if you exercise.

If you simply drink the coffee every morning, you can expect to lose anywhere between 5 - 20lbs your first 30-days.

If you lose more, it's probably because you were also drinking lots of water, ate healthy (low carbs) and probably exercised as well.  


It's so simple that we will simply share it here below:  

Go weigh yourself, somehow - somewhere.  Take your measurements if you are able to and take pictures of yourself (front, side and rear) wearing workout clothes.  These will be forever known as your BEFORE PICTURES.

According to one of our Sales Leaders who is also a Health Coach, plan on drinking half your body weight in water via ounces.  Yep!  Water.  The best way to get started with this is to drink 1 large glass of water every hour for a minimum of 8 glasses (not cups) per day.   You are doing this in an effort to rid your body toxins and to keep your body hydrated while you are drinking the coffee.

Lastly, give yourself a full 30-days on the coffee - 1 8oz mug per day, hot or cold, to see if it will work for you.  9 chances out of 10, it will and then you will go onto become our next BEFORE & AFTER Success story!  #youvegotthis 

Yes, very much so which is why it's important than you start and stick to our suggest water intake schedule to keep your body hydrated.  This is very important AND it will speed up the weight loss process.  

Half of your body weight.  So, if you weigh 160lbs then half of that is 80oz which equals to (7) 12oz glasses of water.  

Again, your diet has a lot to do with your blood type, height and current weight.  It also has to do with your job - are you on your feet and moving around or are you sitting down most of the day?  

We recommend that you reduce carbs such as breads and pasta and cut out artificial sweeteners and sugar altogether.

When eating meals, add a vegetable - a leafy green and yes, even with breakfast and make sure you are consuming at least 30mg of protein and more like 50 - 100 per day.   Meats like turkey and fish are healthy and excellent sources of protein followed by eggs, Greek yogurt.

However, this being said, you will lose weight by drinking the coffee simply due to reduce appetite and fat burning ingredients.  Drink water according to our suggestions and you will see a huge difference in 30 days.  :)