We are a group of friends that were each interested in losing weight but didn't know where to turn to get our hands on products that work!  There are so many to choose from that we literally fell into this totally by accident!  We all met for coffee one day with a friend of ours at, I know - I know.....Starbucks.  As we walked in to order our "typical" drinks, she stopped us and said....."Whoa, wait a minute.  I've got something you need to try!"  *What we didn't know at the time was that she had a wad of weight loss coffee samples on her.  We soon found out.  ;) 

So, instead, we all ordered tea.  Ahem......and once we sat down, we took the tea bags out and dropped a sample in.  I don't think any of us really believed her.....so we wanted to try it on the spot.

About 20 minutes in, I immediately felt the difference.  I felt......happy and not hungry.  I AM SITTING INSIDE OF A STARBUCKS OF ALL PLACES and I typically want to order a cheese danish or at least grab a bagel with cream cheese; but nada.  I wasn't hungry at all.

I was the first person to pipe up and ask her where she got the coffee from and how could I get more.  I became her first customer and then after losing 15lbs in 30 days became one of her Sales Reps.  Hellooo happy weight loss and skinny jeans, I've missed you so!

My other friends had positive experiences as well and we all agreed to try the product out for a full 30-days before hitting the Internet with marketing, love and sales.

Which brings me to writing this.  

Some of the guys in our circle of friends are rideshare drivers in Las Vegas so as you can imagine they do pretty well handing out samples to passengers and us online marketers and those of us who work in the entertainment industry in Vegas have been passing out samples, drinking coffee with our friends on the spot and well, signing up more customers.  lol 


And that's how it all started.  That is how it brings us to where we are today:  the desire to grow our customer base AND our sales and marketing team.  To expand our reach and help other people lose weight and increase their happiness.



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